Writing Contest – Action Adventure Crime Mystery Film Festival

Let’s face it, us writers are usually the first ones to get blamed for a “bad” movie. We also don’t necessarily do it for the Benjamins… (The average screenwriter takes home around $80 to $100k per year, maybe. – The Art Career Project) So why do we slave over every comma, period, and word? It’s simple. We are writers and we love what we do.

What about those of us who slave away and aren’t making any money? Perhaps we’re out of our minds? Possible. However, instead of contemplating our questionable sanity, let’s redirect that energy into entering every writing contest we possibly can. Seriously. Exposure is EVERYTHING when you are a no one, a tiny molecule in the universe that is Hollywood, vapor.

One unique opportunity for solid exposure is the Action Adventure Crime Mystery Film Festival. One of the first things I look for when it comes to writing contests is, of the Benjamins I don’t have, how many will I need to toss into this thing? This particular contest has various submission options ranging between $30 and $55. Early entry, for any contest, is always highly recommended because the entry fees are always smaller.

My suggestion for entering during early submission windows is to look ahead. Find the contests that are closed, mark on you calendar when they will open for the next round, and bam! You are ahead of the game. Fill your calendar with the contests you feel the most suited for and write, write, write.

TheĀ Action Adventure Crime Mystery Film Festival is special in that it is a rolling contest with monthly opportunities. “Winners get their screenplay performed by professional actors. Or, their short film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. This contest specializes in showcasing Action/Adventure stories and making sure that when the work is ready, the writer will benefit by at least obtaining a solid agent.” – Simon Schneider (Festival Programmer)

Don’t wait for Spielberg to follow you on Instagram, see your true potential, and offer you the role of a lifetime. Get out there and make him wish he’d discovered you first. You are responsible for your future, whether it’s epic or forgettable.

Enter Here (Using Film Freeway – the absolute BEST way to enter writing contests)