Screenplay Writing Contest

“The Los Angeles Film and Script Festival was founded on the principles of independent artistic expression. “

Los Angeles Film & Script Festival

It can be a challenge deciding which contests, festivals, or programs to submit your project to. You likely sacrificed a lot to write your screenplay. You stayed up late most nights, skipped fun outings with friends, maybe even called in “sick” to work a few times because you knew you could get that scene written just right if you just had the time.

Then you complete it and suddenly have to send it away to some stranger to be picked apart and dissected – judged. You want to make sure wherever you send it, the eyes that look it over are the right eyes. You also don’t have the countless dollars available to submit to the thousands of contests that are going on at any given moment. Maybe you can afford to submit to one or two, for now. (Maybe you shouldn’t have called in sick all those times…)

Consider the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival (LAFSF). It is a reasonably priced competition with a number of categories to win. The early bird deadline is July 17th, 2018. The entry fee is $40.The regular deadline is August 7th, 2018. Naturally, the price goes up. It maxes out at $60 on October 9th, 2018 for the final deadline. Pricing may vary depending on the category. Now accepting drama and comedy scripts, among several other categories, the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival (LAFSF) is a long-standing contest with excellent awards.

(Sidenote: If you ever notice the website for any competition is not properly up-to-date, do not expect them to manage the contest well. Just fyi.)