Practice is an Art

So many people ask me how I can think of stories to write or how I can teach students creative writing.  I really must say, the answer is the same as what you’d hear from any singer, or illustrator.  Practice makes perfect.

Math is certainly not one of my best skills, however if I applied myself, there’s no doubt in my mind I would learn it. My mind, however, works better with stories and dialogue. I look forward to my next adventure. Getting kids excited about creating an adventure is equally fun for me. It is therapeutic as well. Imagine controlling your own universe!

As with everything though, it takes time to master things. I am always reminding my own kids that I’m super old (32) and have had a million years of practice to get where I am today. When they are super old like me, they’ll be telling their kids the same thing. So make sure you allow yourself that time to learn. Enjoy it. Learn from your mistakes.

The best paintings started with a single drop of paint. The best you starts with a single act – trying. Where you go from there is up to you, so reach for the stars and don’t be afraid to look back at the amazing view once in a while.