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Written by Dru Cartier

Illustrated by Wendy Leach

Two Bros and a Babe is a children’s story about being stronger together and never giving up.

In this first book of the Two Bros and a Babe series, the three pigs start life on their own. When challenges arise, they band together and support one another without hesitation. As the series unfolds, readers will be immersed in this fictional version of stunning Capitola, California – the coastal town the pigs call home.

The eldest pig is Kiki, but she’s not just any girl pig… She is a protein shake making, sun tanning, bikini wearing, home building, health conscious beach gal with strong beliefs about friendship, honesty, and the importance of family. She’s a real Kiki kind of girl with her retro shades, polka dot beachwear, and sass for days.

Then there’s Hank, the middle child. Kiki may have sass for days, but Hank has style that just won’t quit. His spiked hair, dark shades, and board shorts clinch his California lifestyle to a tee. Unlike the typical pigs in The Three Little Pigs story, Hank is a total DIY guy. He also enjoys a few fun things, like a Jacuzzi tub, state-of-the-art flat screen TV, and his ultra comfy couch. Much like Kiki though, Hank understands just how important it is to be there for family, take care of friends, and always make good choices – especially because his younger brother, Marlon, looks up to him.

Ah, Marlon… The youngest of the piggy trio. This fun-loving guy is as sincere as he is adorable with his Hawaiian shirt and sun-kissed cheeks. Though he may forget to clean his room, most days, and has a tendency to rush into things, he is always ready to give new things a try. He loves a good adventure, especially if Kiki and Hark are there with him. Most of all, Marlon is a sweet and thoughtful pig with big dreams and an even bigger heart. He helps those who are smaller than him, never shies away from a challenge, and always learns something new.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up books such as Two Bros and a Babe Visit the Carnival, Two Bros and a Babe Celebrate Earth Day, and these nonfiction titles: Kiki’s Absolutely Fabulous Cookbook, Hank’s How to Build Cool Stuff book, and Marlon’s Math and Other Important Things book.

Dru Cartier is both an author, and small business owner. She started her publishing company, Word Sprouts, after close to a decade of teaching. As a child, Dru couldn’t help but publish. Every moment of free time (if it wasn’t spent building with Legos) was used to voraciously blend images and words. Dru made books, magazines, poems … anything she could think of. Now, she is making good on her childhood dreams of publishing. She writes and publishes books for children, tweens, and young adults. She even writes screenplays.

Wendy Leach is a children’s book author and illustrator.  She lives and works in Overland Park Kansas, just a hop, skip, and jump away from Kansas City. She graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Missouri. While she earned her degree, she worked in the children’s department of the local Barnes and Noble where her love for picture book illustration began. Her website is:

Ages 4 to 10 / Pigs / Life Lessons / Siblings

$21.99 Hardcover, 8 x 8 inches, 34 pages, full color

Social Media: @wordsprouts