Book-to-Film: Spilled Milk

Empathetically told through the innocent eyes of a child, Spilled Milk, radiates sincerity and integrity. From the moment the story begins, the drama of this child’s life unfolds to expose trauma that is as emotionally gripping as it is psychologically devastating. There is a subtle chill created throughout the narrative that pulls the reader into this intimate space that is Brooke’s mind, her internal thoughts, feelings, and fears.

Bravery and strength of character do not begin to describe Brooke’s personality.  It is unmistakable, the lengths she went to for the well-being of her siblings as well as herself. She faced inexcusable, horrific, treatment from parents that lacked the decency we so often take for granted.

KL Randis, author of Spilled Milk, has courageously opened herself to the world, allowing everyone to read and be moved by her first-hand account of neglect, mistreatment, and abuse. Her ability to capture the essence of trauma while telling a compelling and wrenching true story is incredible. While this is not a story for the weak-at-heart, it is one that I am certain will help other children who struggle with the same psychological, physical, and emotional abuse Randis experienced.

From this first-time author, who self-published, Spilled Milk reached bestseller status just 24 hours after publication. Now, in its 2nd edition, Spilled Milk, is becoming a movie. Harrison Smith, a writer, producer, and director from APA and Class of ‘85 has acquired the rights to develop Spilled Milk. Earlier this week, KL Randis posted to Instagram an excited and emotional image of the Option Agreement she was signing. Most authors dream of the day their story becomes a bestseller, and even more dream of the day it gets optioned for the big screen. Randis certainly deserves her multiple successes, and then some, for her acclaimed and inspiring novel.

I, for one, cannot wait to hear more about Smith’s vision for the movie and how he plans to keep the heart the book so thoroughly maintained from beginning to end. Stay tuned for updates to this new project.

If you know of any books being turned into movies, feel free to let me know. I do my best to stay up-to-date on trending books/movies, but there is only so much coffee and time…