Book-to-Film: The Unarmed Truth

During Obama’s administration, an ill-conceived and lethal idea to combat the growing drug war, ballooned into a deadly disaster. One brave government agent boldly decided to share his story in the gritty and strikingly honest memoir, The Unarmed Truth.

John Dodson, an ATF agent with a passion for justice, risked his long-standing career (and his personal sanity) to expose a corrupt and ethically abhorrent department of the US Government – the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) .

Dodson’s sincere account of the events he witnessed first-hand are masterfully recounted in his book. The tone is that of a personal conversation with Dodson himself, rough and frank. He shares not only the morally stressful position his department put him in, but also his divorce, parenting as a single father, falling in love, and starting a new life.

“I didn’t give a rat’s a** about anybody’s political affiliation; I just wanted the truth to get out.”

– John Dodson, The Unarmed Truth

Now this deeply covered-up government scandal, responsible for hundreds, possibly thousands, of American guns sold on American soil to known gun runners under the watchful eyes of Obama’s hand-picked administration is becoming a feature-length Hollywood film. I could not be more excited!

I read Dodson’s book about a year ago while researching cartels, border issues, and general government corruption. Boy did Dodson’s story hit the nail on the head! As someone with a strong interest in the ever growing Mexican Cartel situation, this book opened my eyes to the fact that regardless of what is being sold by whom, supply and demand still stands.

I’m embarrassed to say our American government knowingly sold guns to known gun runners, only to lose them when they immediately crossed the border. Those exact guns were always found soon after in deadly crimes. No one took Dodson’s numerous warnings (for several months) seriously until an innocent border patrol agent, Brian Terry, was killed with one of those guns.

Now, Paul de Souza, one of the men who encouraged Dodson to come forward with his experiences via his dangerously honest book, is helping produce the movie adaptation via Lionsgate Entertainment. Hopefully, the film will help expose the numerous congress and political offices involved in the countless deaths and unimaginable damage caused to our country as well as Mexico.

There are few details as to where the current status of the film lies, but this writer eagerly awaits its release!