Word Sprouts was born out of a need to create engaging stories for young children. It has since expanded to encompass YA and Graphic Novels.

As a family-run company, Word Sprouts is focused on helping passionate writers produce their best work possible. We firmly believe that no child “hates to read”. We understand they want quality stories that entertain and inspire. So we are here to help you make their dreams (and yours) come to life!

Word Sprouts is not your ordinary “publisher”. We provide everything that happens after you smile, take a deep breath, and say, “The End”.  This is when we get started. Editing, formatting, bringing illustrators and authors together, printing, distributing*, marketing… Word Sprouts helps you grow your brand. We are good at this because we are authors too. We have been through all of these steps first-hand. This means we’ve worked out the kinks so you don’t have to. We can help you self publish your work, or we can help publish your work.

About Dru, Word Sprout’s founder and first published author:

Dru Cartier is both an author, and small business owner. She started her publishing company, Word Sprouts, after close to a decade of teaching. As a child, Dru couldn’t help but publish. Every moment of free time (if it wasn’t spent building with Legos) was used to voraciously blend images and words. Dru made books, magazines, poems … anything she could think of. Now, she is making good on her childhood dreams of publishing. She writes and publishes books for children, tweens, and young adults. She even writes screenplays.

“Creativity takes courage. ”

― Henri Matisse